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Riegel Federal Credit Union

Credit Unions vary from traditional commercial banks in that Credit Unions are not-for-profit financial institutions created to serve the needs of its members. There are many important and notable differences in our products, services and philosophy.

We offer a high level of personal service and a lack of red tape that is hard to match. At our Credit Union, the member's needs are our top priority, as well as, maintaining the fiscal integrity of the Credit Union. We continually review our member's needs and evaluate our products and services to ensure we continue to meet those needs.
We are dedicated to serving our members and will always go the extra mile to serve them. Riegel Federal Credit Union still remains strongly committed to the Credit Union philosophy which, in turn, shines through in all of the products and services that we offer. This is something that is very rare in the banking industry.
You will find that our fees are minimal in comparison to that of our competition.
We offer our members many conveniences and choices such as free checking, free internet banking, bill payment service, VISA check cards (aka debit cards), No fee ATM transactions at Riegel ATM's, direct deposit, payroll deductions, VISA TravelMoney & Gift Cards, business accounts and 24-hour automated telephone banking to name a few.

Riegel Federal Credit Union
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