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Vote for Milford's Halloween House Decorating Contest!

Image by David Menidrey

Houses for viewing and voting:

  • 25 Orchard St

  • 30 Green St

  • 29 Church St

  • 44 Hickory Corner Rd

  • 228 Milford Mt Pleasant Rd

  • 220 Hillcrest Dr

  • 173 Little York-Mt Pleasant Rd

  • 26 Orchard St

  • 46 Fairview Ave

  • 107 Carpenter St

  • 20 Andersen Rd

  • 346 Mount Joy Rd

  • 613 Milford Mt Pleasant Rd

  • 17 Phylis Ln

  • 6 Elmhurst Rd

  • 5 Hook Dr

  • 1 Jeanette Ln

  • 404 Ellis Rd

Image by Abed Ismail

Voting is open to everyone! Vote by clicking the button below.

Image by Clint Patterson

Registration is closed as of October 18.

Winners will receive a gift certificate to a Milford Merchants Association member of their choice for 1st Place ($100), 2nd Place ($75), and 3rd Place ($50).

By registering your home, you acknowledge that your address will be posted publicly for people to drive by and vote. Photographs might be used to show off your homes. Decorations can be on your lawn, windows, house, etc. but judges must be able to stay in their cars to view.

Winners will be announced during Milford's Halloween Parade on Sunday, October 30, 2022!

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